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Worldwide Mapper is a geographic data framework (GIS) programming bundle right now created by Blue Marble Geographics that keeps running on Microsoft Windows. The GIS programming contends with ESRI, GeoMedia, Manifold System, and MapInfo GIS items. Worldwide Mapper handles both vector, raster, and height information, and gives review, transformation, and other general GIS highlights. Worldwide Mapper has a dynamic client group with a mailing list and online forums.In 1995 the USGS needed a Windows viewer for their information items, so they built up the dlgv32 application for review their DLG (Digital Line Graph) vector information items. Somewhere around 1995 and 1998 the dlgv32 application was extended to incorporate support for survey different USGS information items, including DRG (topographic maps) and DEM (advanced rise show) and SDTS-DLG and SDTS-DEM information items. The advancement procedure is depicted in detail in the USGS paper titled ‘A Programming Exercise’.In 1998 the USGS discharged the source code for dlgv32 v3.7 to people in general space. In 2001, the source code for dlgv32 was further created by a private individual into the business item dlgv32 Pro v4.0 and offered available to be purchased by means of the web. Later that same year the item was renamed to Global Mapper and turn into a business result of the organization Global Mapper Software LLC. The USGS was circulating a rendition of the product under the name dlgv32 Pro (Global Mapper).On November 2, 2011 Blue Marble Download Global Mapper, Global Mapper   Full Version, Global Mapper  Download, Download Software for Windows, Global Mapper     Latest Version, Free Global Mapper   Software Download, Free Global Mapper   Download.

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